Celebrating One Year: A Guest's Point of View

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As Point of View Villa and Spa celebrates its one-year anniversary, we thought it apropos to share an excerpt from a guest review. After all, that’s why we created Point of View—to provide an awe-inspiring space of respite for our guests and then wrap them in radical hospitality. Author Ericka Taylor shares about her time at the villa for a writing retreat. Here is her point of view:

“It wasn’t until I stood on the verandah overlooking Montego Bay that I realized just how much the setting is a part of what makes Point of View so special. The incredible views and the lush garden and the soft grass that seemed to beg for bare feet all combined to create a whole so much greater than the sum of its parts. It’s as if I’d stepped into a parallel universe, in which everything was exactly as it should’ve been. The villa staff were universally warm and helpful. The food from the menu was excellent. The rooms were nicely appointed and comfortable. I actually spent the better part of breakfast one morning trying to make a list of downsides to my visit. I came up with one: Sometimes, I could hear beautiful bird songs and not be able to see the birds making the sounds.

Just over a month has passed since I left Point of View, and I’m no closer to identifying where its special magic comes from. Whatever the source, it did wonders for me during my time there. I wrote for a minimum of seven hours a day for seven days straight and yet never felt drained. I completed the final major revision of a short story I’ve taken through at least half-a-dozen different iterations over the years. I made a major plot breakthrough in the novel I’m working on. I would’ve been satisfied if I’d only been able to make one of those claims. I can’t remember having had a more productive period as a writer. Somehow at Point of View, the impossible became not just possible, but easy.”

Thank you to all of our guests who stayed with us during our inaugural year.

Happy Holidays!

Yanique and Ronnie