Allow us to tell you the story of how fate brought us into the same universe as the woman in the picture. She is the on-site caretaker for Point of View. Her name is Cordella. 

In 2015, Ronnie and I stayed at a villa in Montego Bay where Cordella was working. She was sooo quiet, and she looked so tired. But, Ronnie’s big personality made her laugh, and we exchanged numbers so that we could keep in touch.

Fast forward to 2016 when we decided to purchase Point of View. We called her up and asked her if she knew anyone who would be interested in helping us run the villa. Without hesitation, she said “I will.” 

This caught us by surprise. We were very hesitant and told her that we didn’t want her to leave her sure job to come with us. We hadn’t even bought the property! We knew nothing about running a villa! We didn’t even have a business and not a single guest in sight! She said we would make it happen, and we did!


To this day, Ronnie, Cordella and I reminisce about that time and how far we have come. Things are also different for Cordella. She is no longer bone tired. You see, hospitality workers many times have to work long hourse, get paid very little, have little to no time off, and have poor healthcare options (not just in Jamaica but all over). 

We built Point of View very differently. We pay more (much more), we share decision-making, we have a liberal leave policy, we provide professional development and we provide access to healthcare. 

When Point of View makes a profit (we just broke even in 2018 and we plan to achieve profitability in 2019), it will be shared with workers. Cordella just told us that she is planning on buying a house!

We give thanks to Cordella for taking the risk to join us. We are where we are because of her faith in Point of View, her connections locally, her experience in the hospitality industry, her superb cooking skills, her persistence navigating the red tape of working on an island, and the love she has for her guests.

Feel free to leave any comments for Cordella!

One Love,

Yanique and Ronnie