Creative Vinyasa Flow

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Retreat Dates: January 3-8, 2019

I began practicing yoga in 2000. I was already a dancer, and had begun teaching Pilates Mat, so yoga was something that was integrated into many dance and Pilates centers. I tried Jivamukti Yoga Center because a friend recommended a class. I loved it, and did not realize what a wonderful discipline yoga could be. Shortly after I got a teaching certification from the Laughing Lotus Yoga School, and have been teaching ever since. I find that some of the benefits for me have been maintaining flexibility and strength, both physically and mentally. There is also the benefit of breathing more fully throughout the day. My clients have given similar reports of these benefits, as well as increased ability to focus better as well as experiencing stress reduction.

At the top of the new year I’ll be hosting a yoga retreat, which is a great way for participants to restore their bodies and souls after the busy holiday season. It is also a wonderful way to begin the new year. Jamaica promises to be inspiring and invigorating. During the yoga classes, we will be practicing Creative Vinyasa Flow which is a moving meditation, that focuses on the breath, proper alignment of the poses, and a creative sequencing of postures merged with the breath to create a flow.  People can expect to be slightly challenged, but they will also experience a sense of freedom that comes with this practice. There are always options to modify a pose, so that everyone can work at their own pace and ability.

If you have any doubts about your yoga abilities - don’t! Yoga is for everyone. Do not be discouraged by photos you see on the cover of fancy yoga magazines. Regardless of the aesthetics of a particular pose, everyone can benefit by giving their body and mind this great gift of yoga. Every time you practice, it benefits you in some way, whether it is making your muscles more flexible, strengthening the bones, or improving the breath and capacity of the lungs, all while experiencing overall mindfulness and peace.

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