Food for the Soul


Since we launched Point of View Villa and Spa late last year, we have hosted 11 groups of family and friends. Some groups come with an explicit mission—to party in Jamaica until the sun comes up. Other groups come for healing and restoration. No image embodies the latter more than the one posted on Instagram by Ashley, who stayed with us in June 2017. Ashley came to Point of View to celebrate the completion of theology school and to find spaces to nourish her body and soul.


Like many travelers to Jamaica, food was a significant part of her itinerary. But, she was not just interested in tasting the delicacies for which Jamaica is known; she was keen on learning how to prepare these dishes. Under the tutelage of Cordella, Point of View’s extraordinary caretaker, Ashley learned how to prepare several indigenous Jamaican dishes outside on a traditional coal-burning stove—home cooked chicken, rice and peas, fried sweet plantains, yellow yams, fried fish, sweet potatoes and breadfruit. For her, food and its preparation and cultural context were part of the healing process.

As her time in Jamaica came to a close, Ashley (on the right) took the picture below with Cordella (in the center). In her review, she said about Cordella: She does more than cook to feed your body, she nourishes your soul. Yanique and I are convinced that there is something special about the land on which Point of View sits and the people with whom we have been fortunate to partner to provide #radicalhospitality. Everyone who comes seems to get what they need, whatever that may be.  

We hope you will take in the photos in this blog and reflect on what they mean to you. Feel free to share comments in the box below. We will make sure to pass them on to Ashley. We have already told her that her images inspire everyone who sees them.  

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